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North west Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam North west (Tay Bac) contains four inland provinces in the west of Vietnam's northern part . Two of them are along Vietnam's border with Laos, and one... North west Vietnam Travel Guide »

North Central Vietnam

North Central Vietnam Lets be honest here - not many travellers spend much time in north central Vietnam primarily because, well, it's not exactly overflowing with attractions - of... North Central Vietnam Travel Guide »

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam Shopping and ancient palaces The Ben Hai River in Central Vietnam marks the 17th parallel, which once marked the demarcation line between North and South Vietnam .... Central Vietnam Travel Guide »

Central Highlands

Central Highlands Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) contains the five inland provinces of south-central Vietnam . Almost of this region is mountainous. While mostly inhabited by ethnic... Central Highlands Travel Guide »

South Central vietnam

South Central Vietnam Home to some of Southern Vietnam's best beaches South-central Vietnam covers the coastal region from Quang Ngai in the north to Phan Thiet in the south... South Central vietnam Travel Guide »

Hanoi & Around

Hanoi and surrounds Hanoi , one of the most beautiful of the colonial Indochinese cities is often the start or end point of a trip to Vietnam, and what a great welcome or farewell it... Hanoi & Around Travel Guide »

Ba Na Hill Station

It’s easy to see why the French would run to the hills at the first opportunity, and why the Vietnamese were less keen. As you climb the winding road to beautiful Ba Na (admission 10, 000d,... Ba Na Hill Station Travel Guide »

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