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Perfume Pagoda - Huong Tich Pagoda

Trip Valid: Until April 30th, 2013
Duration: 1Day
Highlights: Walk up to the main pagoda cave named Huong Tich that is recognized as the most beautiful cave in the region.
Trip Code: HAST034
Guarantee: Daily Departure!
Group Size: Small Group Maximum 14 Pax
Price: NA
Extras: To Be Advised!


The Perfume Pagoda (Huong Tich), At My Duc, 69km south of Hanoi, without doubt, is the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in northern Vietnam. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims travel to this sacred cave to pray for happiness and prosperity in the coming year. Pilgrim's boats, usually rowed by young women, which carry them along the Yen Stream through a stunning landscape of blazing green rice fields with jagged limestone mounts is the base of Huong Mountain. From the river bank, pilgrims proceed on foot, past various ancient pagodas, monasteries and shrines, up hundreds of stone steps and a switchback trail, all worn smooth by the passage of countless feet. The Perfume Pagoda consists of a group of caves and is an impressive architectural ensemble of both human and natural endeavor.

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