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Bac Ninh City

Bắc Ninh About this sound pronunciation (help·info) is a city in Vietnam. It is the capital of the Bắc Ninh Province. The city is the cultural, administrative, and commercial center of the province. The city area is 80.82 square km, with a population of 150,331 (2006). In January, 2006, the town (thị xã) of Bac Ninh was upgraded to city (thành phố). The city is home to the Banking Academy of Vietnam, Bac Ninh campus (Học viện Ngân hàng), the Kinh Bac International School, and the Military Academy of Politics main campus (Học viện Chính trị Quân sự).

The city's name is derived from the Sino-Vietnamese 北寧, meaning "northern serenity."

In March 1884, Bac Ninh was the site of a decisive battle in the the wars between France and assorted Chinese/Vietnamese forces.
[edit] Subdivisions
[edit] Hành chính

The city is administratively divided into 19 units, including 10 urban wards (phường) - Đáp Cầu, Thị Cầu, Vũ Ninh, Suối Hoa, Tiền An, Ninh Xá, Vệ An, Kinh Bắc, Đại Phúc, and Võ Cường - and 9 rural communes (xã) - Vạn An, Hoà Long, Phong Khê, Khúc Xuyên, Kim chân, Vân dương, Hạp Lĩnh, Nam Sơn, and Khắc Niệm.

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